As a commodity and food trading company, Grand Star trades in a wide range of products including wheat, corn, soybeans, pulses, foodstuffs, crude & refined oil, and a variety of processed food products. Our activities are not just limited to the distribution, forwarding, and dispatch of goods worldwide; we also advise on market opportunities and arrange financing for our customers. 


Short news

Until recently it was difficult to imagine the avocado as an option for export, however, the hard work with Hass avocado has allowed vindicate this crop now coming to be more than 2 hectares of Hass in Peru, expoter to Europe around 10 000 tonnes in 2003 "this was one of the premises during the third course on Theory and Practice Avocado culture, organized by Valle Grande, from 21 to 24 September this year .
The event, which took place in Caete had considerable assistance, with the purpose to transmit the new techniques of propagation of avocado trees, a garden installation, management and production with emphasis on pruning, irrigation and nutrition for fruit production quality. This also lectured on integrated pest and disease management avocado and harvest and post-harvest for export.

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